About Yekta Seed

Since 1955, Yekta Seed, which was founded by Mr. Hasan Emami, has been tried to develop the seed industry in the Iran. We have been active in the production, procurement and supply of high quality vegetable seeds during these years. Now, Mr. Morteze Emami, the managing director, continues the activities through promoting the seeds industry within the country and providing the best seeds for the domestic farmers. In addition to supplying the seeds of vegetable and summer crops from reputable American, European and Asian companies, Yekta Seed has a purposeful and extensive activity in localizing, promoting and creating confidence in Iranian seed production. We proudly announce that the efforts made in the field of domestic seeds have led to the export of Iranian seeds to neighboring countries. Yekta Seed is one of the pioneers in the seed industry with a scientific attitude and approach and the use of experts and cooperation with research centers. Our main mission is to produce and provide domestic and foreign seeds with the highest quality.

Over the years, the Yekta Seed Co. has gained so many achievements, including:

  • Providing domestic and foreign with high quality seeds to farmers in Iran
  • Building trust between farmers and those who deal with agriculture as the country’s top brand in providing agricultural services
  • Creating trust and obtaining the representative permits from the global accredited companies